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clients local government clientsA snapshot of SHN’s local government clients, who trust us with their ever-tightening capital improvement budgets

In keeping with our involvement and support of our local communities, approximately one third of our business is with cities and counties, and approximately 10% is with special districts.  Local and regional government officials and their staff trust us to utilize taxpayers’ money efficiently by looking for innovative and appropriate solutions, never by doing the minimum.

Our best and most recent examples of this trust is our work with the City of Coos Bay and the City of Eureka.  For the City of Coos Bay, we designed a large (8.2 million gallons per day, MGD) wastewater treatment plant, which improved on the existing plant in two primary ways.  First, we modified the City’s existing activated sludge process to a sequencing batch reactor process, which improved treatment and effluent quality.  Second, we changed the disinfection process from chlorine to ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. 

For the City of Eureka, our redesign of the wastewater collection system saved energy and pumping costs by eliminating 13 pumping stations.  Use of trenchless technologies limited disturbance to wetlands and other sensitive habitats during pipe installation. Click City of Eureka Martin Slough Project for more information.


I look forward to taking your project to the Planning Commission for consideration…We appreciate and admire the quality of the work effort that you and your consultants have put into the project and we look forward to working with you to bring it to completion.”

–Liz Shorey

Deputy Director and Senior Planner,
City of Fortuna

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