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“If … I had to restrict all this writing to one sentence, this is the one I would choose:  the summit of Mount Everest is marine limestone.”
John McPhee, Basin and Range, 1981.

SHN geologists and geotechnical engineers bring to your projects:

  • Decades of field experience in Northern California and Southern Oregon
  • Creativity and ingenuity to apply new technologies such as horizontal directional drilling, high resolution trench photography, and state-of-the-art slope monitoring devices
  • Understanding of what geosciences information is actually needed
  • Practical solutions to complex geotechnical problems

These “value added” characteristics can save you money by decreasing the time required for us to understand, evaluate, and solve your geologic or geotechnical problems.

We assist clients with:

  • Public spaces and infrastructure:  hospitals and schools and universities; water and wastewater infrastructure; pipelines; local roads, highways, and bridges; dams, hydroelectric and industrial facilities; and landfills.
  • The natural environment:  landslide and coastal bluff evaluations, slope rehabilitation systems, stabilization and mitigation designs; watershed analyses, environmental assessment support; groundwater resource development and monitoring programs; and damage evaluations.
  • Industrial properties and resource extraction:  geologic investigations for timber harvest plans, forest road development and restoration; power plant hazard evaluations; open pit and underground mining investigations; and landfill and geotechnical systems assessments.

We have extensive experience in installing and interpreting state-of-the-art slope monitoring devices (inclinometers), and designing and constructing a wide variety of slope repair systems.  We have been and continue to be responsible for many projects involving slope stability hazards and slope failures in Northwest California and Southwestern Oregon.  Most of these projects have involved recommending specific remediation measures and design criteria. 

The following is a partial list of SHN’s geoscience services:

  • Geologic/geotechnical site characterization
  • Subsurface investigations using a wide variety of exploration techniques, such as machine boring, sonic drilling, cone penetration testing
  • Fault rupture hazard investigation
  • Deep and shallow foundation systems: selection, design, construction, and inspection
  • Liquefaction analysis and settlement assessment
  • Landslide investigations and repairs
  • Earth retention structures: selection, design, construction, and inspection
  • Rockfall hazard assessment
  • Coastal geology studies
  • Geohazards constraints analyses and geologic mapping
  • Hydrogeology and groundwater resource studies
  • Soils engineering
  • Surface and subsurface drainage studies
  • Watershed assessments and studies
  • Soil analysis for on-site sewage disposal




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