Community Service Organizations


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Organizations that we support include:

  • Youth community organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, 4H, career nights at high schools, the ArMack High School Orchestra, and sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and roller derby.
  • Community safety organizations, including the California Office of Emergency Services, and two fire protection organizations (the Little Lake Fire Protection District and the Pine Mountain Firewise-Fire Safe Council).
  • General community assistance organizations, such as Rotary International, public radio stations, granges, Moose International, and Elks USA.

community service organizations info graphicTimeline provided to high school seniors during career day at SHN, in response to question, “how old is SHN?”

Community professional volunteers are SHN staff who use their professional expertise to assist their communities.  We volunteer our professional expertise to:

  • City of Coos Bay Planning Commission
  • City of Eureka Open Spaces Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Coos County Board of Property Tax Appeals
  • Frank R. Howard Hospital Foundations
  • Chambers of commerce for all cities near our offices
  • Big Lagoon Community Services District
  • Gardiner Sanitation District
  • Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District
  • McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee, and
  • Moonstone Heights Mutual Water Association

The community health organizations that we support are primarily the American Cancer Society and the Northern California Community Blood Bank.  We are also involved with the Redwood Memorial and St. Joseph hospital foundations.


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