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At SHN, we recognize the importance of strategy, contingencies, and relative risks when planning projects.  We develop alternatives for clients and alert them to decision points at the right time, so that we are anticipating and responding—not reacting—to agency requests or requirements.

Clients find our services particularly useful in the initial planning stage, because we can identify aspects of the project (for example, construction noise, aesthetics, presence of special status species, potential for finding archaeological artifacts) that will be very difficult to permit, but that can be avoided or minimized by slight changes in the project. 

Streamline Planning Consultants, an Arcata-based firm founded in 2000, shares this planning approach.  In April 2016, Streamline and SHN merged to strengthen SHN’s planning capabilities and better serve our clients.  Streamline brings greater depth to SHN’s former planning group, especially in municipal planning.  Similarly, SHN’s biologists, botanists, and soil scientists bring their experiences to Streamline, and our engineers, geologists, and environmental services staff are readily available to assist in finding ways to limit or avoid a project’s impacts.

The SHN/Streamline combined staff offer these planning and permitting services:

  • Site planning and design
  • CEQA process assistance, including exemptions, initial studies, mitigated "neg decs", EIRs, mitigation design
  • NEPA process assistance, including exclusions, environmental assessments, FONSIs, EISs, mitigation design
  • Local and State regulatory permitting, for example: CDFW Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreements; RWQCB Section 401, NPDES, or WDRs; CA Coastal Development permits; Oregon and CA endangered species act compliance
  • Federal regulatory permitting, such as US Army Corps Section 404 and Section 10 permits, and federal endangered species act compliance
  • Community planning, including land use permits, General Plan and zoning amendments, economic development including gratn funding and loan assistance, traffic calming and safety, and bike and walkways




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